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First DS Emulator has been released.

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Pokemon GAMEBOY Advance and GBC games can now be played on Android and iPhone with a Pokemon emulator APP!


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nintendo ds dsiNew Nintendo iDS has been released in USA, Europe and Japan. iDS Consoles in every region is different, but they can play Nintendo DS and DS Lite games from all regions. What is not-compatible is DSiWare games for iDS. If you bought you portable in Japan - you will have all Japanese menus and no option to switch to english :( Also Nintendo On-Line store for downloadable content will be available only in the region that the iDS was released for. NDS - electronic handheld units for receipt and/or transmission of text, graphics and multimedia content, portable communication devices for interactive video game programs and interactive video game software. Video games, MP3 and Video player for playing audio/visual content, including movies and television programs which are stored on electronic memory devices / cards. Computer game programs, software.

Nintendo intends to use DS for providing on-line communication services for transmission of messages among computer users, providing on-line communication and electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among users in the filed of general interest. Forums and Chat. Text and numeric wireless digital messaging services LAN wireless broadband communication services Wi-Fi internet access; wifi wireless voice mail services; wireless electronic transmission of voice signals, data, facsimiles, images and information;

And just when we thought that not much new is coming out for the NDS now that the 3DS is finally hacked with the Gateway 3DS card we see the new SNES emulator for the DS flash cards called lolSnes! It may be at an early development stage, but the speed that it is running roms at is fantastic - how about 60 frames per second - that is full speed as if the game was being played on the good old 16bit Super NES.

Nintendo DS Emulator - NDS Emu

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Ninteno DS emulation has been started by NDS emu . NintendoDS emulator news from NDS . All the games we hope to see released as ds roms are at NDS . Official specifications and pictures of the new N console . Download free NDS Roms  at Nintendo DS . Game Boy, GBC roms, NES Super intendo SNES roms and Gameboy Advance GBA roms . All of this brought to you By NINTENDOiDS ™ 


The DS could act as both a wireless 802.11 device (WiFi) and as a repeater hub which means that you would not need a wireless router nearby to get online with DS - you'll just need another Nintendo NDS close enough to connect to, and he'll be able to connect you to someone just as close to him even if that person isn't so near to you, and so on. Potentially-huge networks of gamers could appear organically and play against one another regardless of pre-installed routers or proximity.

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