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NDS as Wi-Fi Repater?

The DS could act as both a wireless 802.11 device (WiFi) and as a repeater hub which means that you would not need a wireless router nearby to get online with DS - you'll just need another Nintendo NDS close enough to connect to, and he'll be able to connect you to someone just as close to him even if that person isn't so near to you, and so on. Potentially-huge networks of gamers could appear organically and play against one another regardless of pre-installed routers or proximity.

Nintendo DS


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Free GAMEBOY Pokemon emulator download full version apps for iPhone, Android and Windows 10.


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Some of the games we know will be released at the NDS lounch: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles rom Air Assault 2 Organizer Plus Monster Rancher Meteos Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Mega Man Battle Network Viewtiful Joe GoldenEye Madden NFL Need For Speed Underground Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf The URBZ: Sims in the City DS rom Bomberman Dynasty Warriors Boktai Castlevania Dragon Booster Frogger 2005 Survival Kids World Soccer Winning Eleven series Vandal Hearts WINX Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour. Asphalt GT Rayman Vivendi Universal Games Robots Moonlight Fables Nanostray New Mr. Driller Pac 'n Roll Pac-Pix SpongeBob SquarePants. Sonic DS Caduceus Snowboard Kids DS Square Enix Co., Ltd. A new story of Secret of Mana, Slime Morimori Dragon Quest Dragon Quest Monsters Egg Monster Heroes.

gateway 3ds gw3ds romsNintendo DSi Pokemon Emulator. Download Pokemon Game backups for NDS / DS Lite.

While many DS/DSi flash cards can be updated to run on 3DS they can only play the NDS games on the 3D console. That is where you need the help of the new GW3DS - Gateway Nintendo 3DS microSD card adapter that is the first flash kit to support playback of 3DS ROMs on the 3DS!

For running SNES emulated games use lolSnes or snesDS emu for DS flashcarts!


Officially Announced Nintendo DS Game Titles NDS Roms (JAP / USA)

(Last date updated: 2004.9.22)
Title Manufacturer
Pokemon Dungeon (tentative name) Idea factory
Mario Kart DSi (Tentative name) ??
Life game DS (tentative name) Atlas
Truth goddess transmigration DS (tentative name)
(tentative name)
(tentative name)
Q DS (tentative name)
The sweat like this in brain the game series! Vol. 1
COOL104JOKER & SETLINE (tentative name)
Action game Epoch corporation
Mah-jongg of everyone (tentative name) M tea o
Race/lace game (tentative name)
? in the city Electronic arts
Reversal judgment series
New RPG Game arts
Kebukawa detective incident book (tentative name) Vigor
LIVING HIGH ? KILLING LOW ? (tentative name)
Highway RACING battle (tentative name)
Truth Mikuni hit and miss (tentative name) ?
Historical simulation (tentative name)
Mah-jongg (tentative name)
Persevering ? (tentative name)
Survival kids (tentative name)
?? (tentative name)
My suns (tentative name)  
Powerful professional baseball series (tentative name)  
(tentative name) ƒ?? Tokyo
Winning eleventh series (tentative name)
"Encounter ? winning technique! Fist of great bear "  
Simulation game Sunrise interactive
New board game ??
Egg monster ?? (tentative name) ?
FFCC new work
? new work
"Saintly sword legendary" series new work (tentative name)
"The slime thickly the dragon QUEST" series new work (the tentative name)
"Study medical heaven hall Germany it is thick" (the tentative name) Spike
Sonic D s (tentative name) Sega
Project Rub (tentative name)
? kingdom series Tight -
John the Don of wonder (tentative name)  
Action game (tentative name) D3 publisher
Monster Farm up-to-date work  
Team NINJA entry work
- NARUTO - (tentative name) Tommy
ZOIDS (tentative name)
?ƒ (tentative name)  
New RPG (tentative name)
(tentative name)
? (tentative name)
The Bonn bar man Hudson
Remote place demon boundary series (tentative name)
? 64 × 4 (tentative name) Nintendo Co.
?? (tentative name)
?? DS (tentative name)
DS (tentative name)
How you hit forest DS (the tentative name)
News - perm Rio brothers (tentative name)
PictoChat (tentative name)
Nintendogs (tentative name)
Movement soldier Gundam SEED (tentative name) Bandai
ONE PIECE (tentative name)
? (tentative name)
Dragon ball Z Bump rest
? (temporary) ?? universal ?
The star people who can ?
Ranch story forDS (tentative name)
The ? of the river it does and fishes the series
Original RPG (tentative name)
Sport (tentative name) ?
involving of the island which how is hit 3 (the tentative name) Rocket company
* Also those which publish "series name" and "genre name" are included in title name.


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